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Midwest Central
A route for the Auran Trainz Railroad Simulator TRS2006
Updated 23 May 2009

Midwest Central is a fictional railroad, connecting East Shelton to Westfield through the busy heartland of the United States. In the east, coal and forests provide plenty of loads for local trains, and out west, cattle ranching provides livestock for the Armour Meatpacking plant. The new IKEA plant at Huntersville and the container station at Caldwell highlight other shipping opportunties.

Midwest Central has been designed specifically to handle busy AI traffic, with double-track mainline, and many interactive industries. A unique milepost system helps new engineers to find industries quickly, and a downloadable system map will give an overhead view of the entire railroad. The MidCen Operations Manual, system diagram and the descriptions and train orders for all sessions can be found on the Operations Page.

Midwest Central Original Version

Midwest Central Build 360, kuid2:87783:1134:7 is the finished original MidCen route. Encompassing 133 baseboards, it has 25 miles of double-track mainline. You can find it, and the ten sessions that go with it, on the Download Station. The easiest way to find them is to search for my userid, which is crb001. Details on the active sessions are on the operations page.

Midwest Central Release 2

Expanding to 180+ baseboards, Release 2 includes ten additional miles of track to the east, covering the distance between the old East Shelton portals and the town itself, where there is a BNSF interchange. The eastern territory is considerably more hilly than the rest of the route, and features the Pecata Canyon High Bridge, named after the famous Peco River bridge in Texas. 150 feet high and 1100 feet long, this single track affair may prove to be a bottleneck as well as an interesting scenic element.

An additional five miles of track have also been laid to the mining community of South Claremont, where there is an Iron Ore mine and a foresty. A number of new industries have also been added, including two oil fields, a refinery, brickworks, brewery and iron ore mining.

The MidCen Operations Manual has been updated to reflect Release 2 content. In a similar fashion, the system map has also been updated. There are now separate maps for both the original version and Release 2. This is because a large number of changes have been made to the original map, including new grade crossings, stations, industries and two new turntables. The Release 2 map is now two pages, given the 60% longer mainline of that route.

Release 2 has six available sessions. See the Operations Page for details and train orders.

Midwest Central Release 3

Release 3 extends the mainline 15 miles out to Westfield, where there is an interchange with Union Pacfic. The mainline totals 50 miles, about a 70 minute run at track speed.

With Release 3 will come five sessions, a base session, a passenger session and three freight sessions. One of the new freight sessions will be a free-form challenge for you. MidCen Dispatcher 1 will simply give you list of what to pick up and where to take it. It will be up to you to plan your consists and routes. As with previous multiple driver sessions, this one is rated complex. The other two freight sessions are single-driver, for those of you who just like to drive.

The MidCen Operations Manual has been completely re-written and is a separate document from the original and Release 2 versions. There's a lot of new material and I suggest you look through it for some good explanations and new operating techniques, especially for Approach trackmarks and the ProtoLARS automobile factory.

There is now a new version of the system map as well, again specific to Release 3.

Release 3 is now available on the Download Station, just search for my userid: crb001. See the operations page for details on the five sessions, and be sure to check below for bug reports and missing dependencies.


If you've designed a great session for Midwest Central, you are invited to submit it for consideration. In our recent contest, Irving sent in two fine sessions, earning him a one-year first class ticket on the Download Station. Even though the contest has ended, submissions are still welcome. If your submission is accepted, it will become an official part of the MidCen world and will be posted on the DS with other Midwest Central content. The author will be given credit for the session. I will have more to say about submissions soon. If you're interested, contact me for details.

Mailing List

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Midwest Central Rolling Stock available on the download station:

Rear, SD40-2, running numbers 9821-9823. KUID:87783:1141
Middle, GP38-2, Auto-numbering. KUID:87783:1178:1
Front, SW-7, running number 7901. KUID:87783:1142

40ft 3D tank car, KUID2:87783:1100:1
40ft Boxcar, version 3, KUID2:87783:1139:3
54' Covered Hopper, KUID2:87783:1153:2

Missing Dependencies and Bugs:

-------All versions:

The Portal Manager, kuid2:192081:14:1, used in some of the active sessions, is apparently no longer available on the DS, but you can get it from the author's website, here.

In Huntersville, a large vacant space is supposed to occupied by the Armour Meatpacking Plant V2, kuid2:50567:111174:1. It is not on the download station either. You can find it at You'll have to register to download from the site, but it's free and if you spend some time there, especially on their forums, you'll learn a lot. Lars, the creator of the LARS commodity system, is one of the board members and has frequent posts and updates. Idiotbouy, the creator of the meat packing plant is also a member.

Here is what is you need to download:

The industry itself can be found here.

You'll also need the product pack for coolrooms - meat packing plant industries that goes along with the industry. Products include the Side-of-Beef, Hams, Treet and Spam. You can find the pack using: this link.

You'll find some cool stuff on TPR. While you're there, consider making a small donation.


  • New for Release 3 are ProtoLARS industries. You'll have to get them from Trainz Pro Routes. Again, you'll have to register (free) to download.

    - KUID 30671:27359:1 ProLARS marker poles, get it here.

    Various ProLARS industry tracks, listed below, are part of a MegaPack. Get it here.

    - KUID 30671:27363:1 PL Auto(Invisible)
    - KUID 30671:27364:1 PL Autoparts
    - KUID 30671:27382:1 PL Warehouse
    - KUID 30671:27386:1 PL PL Cement
    - KUID 30671:27390:1 PL FertilizerFactory
    - KUID 30671:27396:1 PL Fertilizer

  • General Electric Genesis Locomotives, available from

    P42 #73 here
    P40 # 800 here
    P40 802 here

    The game may report the following items missing:

    kuid:52779:50002 Body
    kuid 52779:52024 Blue Grey
    kuid 52779:54000 Horn Sound

    They are part of the P42 Genesis pack. Get it here. It's on the first line of the downloads.

  • BUG REPORT: There is a problem with both the "West" Local sessions. At the entrance to the container station in Caldwell, there is a MidCen train that waits for a trigger to start moving. Unfortunately, when the train gets clearance to move, it's trying to go to the wrong location and so cannot move. The incorrect command is, "Drive to UP Portal North Southbound." That won't work, because the southbound portal is one-way in the opposite direction. The correct command should be, "Drive to UP Portal North Northbound."

    In addition, the engine is parked too close to the switch in Part 1, preventing the switch from throwing in the correct direction. The fix is to move the loco back a few hundred feet, parking the engine so it not sitting on a switch. Check this picture for the correct position. (Thanks, Rob)

  • **BETA2** BUG REPORT: In West Local 2, at Westfield Yard, I accidentally left engine 9804 and his consist on the eastbound mainline instead of in the yard. The fix is easy, just go to Surveyor and move the train headed by 9804 from the mainline to track 1 of the yard. Make sure 9804 is facing toward the turntable. (If you don't move the train, eastbound traffic coming from the UP portals will be blocked and have to detour through the yard.)

If you experience a crash or a stack dump error, double-check all the sessions in content manager to make sure you don't have some missing dependencies.

If you find any other problems, please report them here.

The "other" Midwest Central Railroad.

After a year-plus working on my fictional railroad, I discovered there is actually a real Midwest Central. It is operated by a group of railfans in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, here in the USA. They have several old-time steam engines and have many educational programs on the history of railroading. Check out their homepage and drop by to see them if you're in the area.

Mailing List:

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In the gallery below, hold your mouse over any image for a description and click the picture for a larger size.

A MidCen GP38 passes an Amtrak train just east of Huntersville. MidCen 9810 delivers aviation fuel to the tank farm at McPherson Naval Air Station MidCen 9803 and 9807 head out toward the western cattle ranches.

The industrial area at Huntersville, home of the Armor Meat Packing plant. MidCen 9804 heads east with a load of timber from Wingate Logging Company. MidCen SD40's 9821 and 9822 head down the grade toward the coal mines.

A train headed by MidCen 9809 loads livestock at Pearson Ranch. A MidCen GP38 bypasses the yard with a load of woodchips for the Pulp Mill at Huntersville. A Midwest Central train travels along the river, just past West Valley Ranch.

Passengers waiting to load at Garfield station. A MidCen train prepares to round the curve approaching the Westfield Portals. A MidCen trainload of autocarriers passes the industrial area at Caldwell.

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For more information about Midwest Central, contact Chuck, railroad president. :-)

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