Erie Northern 2012 Route for Trainz

Updated May 1st 2016

Welcome to the new version of Erie Northern for TS2012!

Erie Northern is a fictional American railroad, set roughly in Pennsylvania and the surrounding east coast area. Some of the city names are familiar, but their actual placement is not to scale. The route itself consists of a double-track mainline extending 35 miles from the Washington, DC portals in the east to the Pittsburgh portals in the west. In addition, there are several branch lines and an i-Portal, permitting EN trains to be sent to another map via the Internet.

Passenger operations are handled through ten interactive Amtrak stations, and both local commuter and round-trip long distance trains between portals are possible. Thirty-five interactive industries provide plenty of opportunities of freight activities. Erie Northern handles many types of cargo, from traditional bulk loads such as coal, wood, limestone and petroleum products to more modern freight such as electric motors, consumer goods and HVAC units.

New for EN2012 are a number of new features including speed trees, track upgrades, ships, aircraft, numerous operational changes to the previous map and use of the Path command to expedite traffic through choke points. Users of the 2006 version will find this one dramatically different. is the concept of Portal/Yards, which combine the best features of portals with the flexibility of a tradtional yard. There's a new set of EN locomotives and rolling stock, too. More on that later.

The map was originally created in 2002 by David Fiore, as Erie Limited. When I first discovered Trainz in 2006, it was the first map I downloaded, and I learned to use Surveyor experimenting on this map. (Hard to believe it's been ten years!) In late 2008, I thought of updating the route to a more modern version of Trainz, and it became Erie Northern, posted on the Download Station in 2009 with author permission. Work on the TS2012 version started in 2011.

Route and Sessions (all on the Download Station):

  • The Map itself: Erie Northern 2012 v5.18
    The map has been tested and also runs fine with TANE. Note also that EN2012 MUST be loaded with one of the following sessions. If you try to load it without a session, many of the commands and rules will not work correctly.

  • The Route Demo: Erie Northern 2012 Demo Session v5.18
    The Demonstration Session has more than 20 active trains and is designed to show the various featues of the route, including the programmable turntables, ships and helicopters. You'll see Amtrak passenger operations and of good number of freight trains, both through trains and locals picking up and setting out cars at various points. (This session is not compatible with TANE because the Path command does not currently work with TANE. That issue will be addressed later.

  • Solo Driving: Erie Northern 2012 Rainy Night Session v5.18
    In this session, you operate a passenger train from Pittsburgh to Washington, about a 60-minute run. Drive it yourself or let the AI drive. (Again, AI control doesn't work with TANE because of problems with Path, but you can cerainly drive it manually.)

  • Session creation template: Erie Northern Base Session v5.18
    This session is designed as a template for users wishing to create their own session(s). It contains no rolling stock, but all of the commands and rules are set up correctly. If you'd like to create your own session to use with this new map, I encourage you to do so and submit it for consideration. Please contact me for assistance.

New TS2012 Locomotives and Rolling Stock: (all on Download Station)

  • GP38-2 Erie Northern # . kuid2:56063:1716:1

  • SD40-2 Erie Northern # . kuid2:56063:1723:1

  • SW7-1500 Erie Northern # . kuid2:56063:1045:1

  • Flatcar 40ft Erie Northern # . kuid2:56063:180501:2

  • 40ft Boxcar Erie Northern # . kuid2:56063:106020:1

  • 54ft Hopper LO 3-Bay Erie Northern # . kuid2:56063:200473:1

  • Tanker 40ft Erie Northern # . kuid2:56063:150642:3

  • Many thanks to Majekear for reskinning these vehicles. All are TS12 and TANE compatible. The pound sign (#) in the name indicates the vehicle is autonumbering. (There's also new Midwest Central rolling stock available and you'll encounter it if you run the demo session.)

Helpful Information for EN2012 Users

  • Erie Northern 2012 Operations Manual Click Here
    This new manual has a great of information about the route including complete installation instructions and detailed infomation on many of the new route features. It is highly recommended, especially if you have ideas about creating your own sessions.

  • Erie Northern System Maps
    These two maps are detailed line drawings showing the location of all the stations and industries on the route. The first maps covers the 35-mile mainline trackage, while the second shows the three branch lines.

  • Erie Northern Mainline Map Click Here.

  • Erie Northern Branchline Map Click Here

  • Dependency Lists
    The following files are the dependencies for the EN2012 Map and the three sessions. Each list is available sorted both alphabetically and by KUID. The KUID list is particularly helpful in locating missing dependencies when all you know is the KUID number. (No need to download all these now. Just remember they're here, so you can refer to them later for troubleshooting if you need to.)

  • Erie Northern Mainline Map - Alphabetically Click Here

  • Erie Northern Mainline Map - By KUID Click Here

  • Erie Northern Demo Session - Alphabetically Click Here

  • Erie Northern Demo Session - By KUID Click Here

  • Erie Northern Rainy Night Session - Alphabetically Click Here

  • Erie Northern Rainy Night - By KUID Click Here

  • Erie Northern Base Session - Alphabetically Click Here

  • Erie Northern Base Session - By KUID Click Here
  • Picture Gallery

  • Available soon...